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Why Are Hockey Tickets So Expensive?

Are you tired of constantly digging deep into your pockets for tickets to catch your favorite team in action? Unfortunately, it seems like the cost of hockey tickets is only increasing.

So, Why are Hockey Tickets So Expensive?

According to CNN, the price of hockey tickets has increased over the past few decades due to a number of factors:

  • Limited supply: Teams intentionally create a limited number of seats.
  • Increased competition: People with disposable income are competing for seats.
  • Concessions and merchandise: The cost of concessions and merchandise can contribute to the price increase.

Other factors that can contribute to the price of hockey tickets include:

  • Star power: The star power of the players can contribute to ticket prices.
  • Intensity of rivalries: The intensity of rivalries can contribute to ticket prices.
  • Allure of playoff games: The allure of playoff games can contribute to ticket prices.
  • Market and arena: The market and arena can contribute to ticket prices.
  • Which team they’re playing: The team they’re playing can contribute to ticket prices.
  • Success level and fan base: The level of success and fan base of each team can contribute to ticket prices.

The average price of NHL tickets is around $90–$130. The most expensive games to attend in the league are those hosted by the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, and the Nashville Predators.

So, let’s get started.

Cost of Hosting a Hockey Game

The expense of hosting a hockey game can vary significantly depending on various factors. However, on average, it can range from a few hundred dollars for a local amateur league to millions of dollars for an entire season in a professional league.

The intricacy of hosting a hockey game is influenced by several factors such as securing an appropriate venue, costs of equipment, maintenance of the ice rink, promotional and advertising efforts, staffing expenses, and travel and accommodations.

Influencing Factors Estimated Cost
Venue Rental Varies depending on location, size, and amenities
Required Equipment Can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars
Maintenance of Ice Rink Varies depending on the size and quality of the rink
Promotional and Advertising Efforts Can cost thousands of dollars depending on the scope and reach of the campaign
Staffing Expenses Includes payment for referees, security, and medical personnel
Travel and Accommodations Varies depending on distance and duration of away games
Total Estimated Cost Ranges from hundreds to millions of dollars

Apart from these direct expenses, other factors such as the popularity of the team, location of the arena, and seat location can also impact the cost of hockey tickets. Limited supply and high demand for NHL games also contribute to higher ticket prices.

To save money on hockey tickets, fans can plan ahead, look for discounts and promotions, and purchase from reputable resellers.

Demand for Hockey Tickets

The fact that tickets are so hard to find shows how popular and devoted hockey fans are. Fans are anxious to get into the games early to see their favorite teams and players play because there are only so many games each season. People who really care about different sports teams also make ticket sales very high because they are willing to pay a lot to support their team.

Star players and strong battles between teams make hockey games even more exciting, which drives up the demand for tickets even more. Fans come to watch their favorite players show off their skills on the ice and to see exciting games between teams that are rivals.

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Besides these things, the cost of having a professional hockey team is a big part of what determines ticket prices. Fans pay more for tickets so that teams can pay their best stars and cover other costs. Because of this, it’s important for teams to carefully price their tickets based on things like where the seats are in the venue.

Ticket Prices Set by Teams and Organizations

The pricing of hockey tickets is a complex process that involves a combination of data-driven approaches, market analysis, and other factors.

The goal of these strategies is to maximize profits while also considering the costs associated with hosting a game and the demand for tickets.

Market Analysis and Data-Driven Approaches:

In order to determine the demand for hockey tickets in a specific area, teams and organizations rely on market analysis. They also collect data on past ticket sales and trends, as well as gather information on their fan base.

This enables them to make informed decisions about ticket pricing and adjust prices accordingly.

Factors That Influence Ticket Prices:

Cost of Running a Professional Team:

Hosting a hockey game is an expensive endeavor due to equipment, staffing, travel, accommodation, and other expenses.

To cover these costs and make a profit, teams may need to set higher ticket prices.

Demand for Hockey Tickets:

The high demand for hockey tickets often leads to teams increasing their prices to meet this demand.

This is especially true for popular teams or games with intense rivalries.

Home Team Advantage:

Home teams typically charge higher rates due to their larger fan base and the costs associated with hosting a game.

As a result, tickets to home games may be priced higher than those for away games.

Inflation and Media Influence:

Inflation can also play a role in the rising cost of hockey tickets. In addition, media influence through advertising and coverage of popular teams or players can impact ticket prices.

Strategies for Obtaining Discounted Tickets:

Purchasing from Season Ticket Holders:

Season ticket holders often receive discounts on their tickets and may be willing to sell individual games at a lower price.

Last-Minute Deals:

Some teams offer last-minute deals or promotions on remaining tickets in order to fill seats.

Student/Senior Discounts:

Many teams also offer discounted tickets for students or seniors, making it more affordable for these groups to attend games.

Impact of Ticket Scalpers and Brokers

There is no doubt that ticket agents and scalpers have an effect on the market for sports tickets. These people have a big effect on how much tickets cost for fans because they buy a lot of tickets from the main market and then sell them on secondary markets for more than they paid for them. This gives the impression that there aren’t enough items, which raises demand and lets scalpers and traders charge crazy high prices.

With the help of cutting edge software and technology, scalpers and traders can quickly buy a lot of tickets as soon as they go on sale to the public. Regular fans have to buy seats on the private market, where prices are often much higher, because it’s getting harder for them to buy tickets straight from the source.

Also, scalpers and traders take advantage of the fact that fans are very loyal and passionate about their favorite teams by raising prices before and during big events like the playoffs or famous games. Again, this adds to the high price of sports tickets.

Fans feel rushed to get tickets because scalpers and traders are in the ticket market. They don’t want to miss the chance to go to a game. This makes more people want to buy tickets, which lets scalpers and traders keep charging high prices.

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These people also add to the high cost of going to a hockey game by buying lots of tickets and then selling them for more than the face value. Not only does this bother individual fans, but it also costs the team a lot of money because they can’t sell as many tickets.

Cost of Travel and Accommodation

Why Are Hockey Tickets So Expensive-2

Travel and accommodation costs are a major factor when purchasing hockey tickets due to the distance between teams, game schedules, and higher demand for transportation and lodging during game days. These expenses can significantly impact a fan’s budget, making attending a game even more costly.

Additionally, parking fees at arenas also add to the overall expense. See the table below for a breakdown of potential travel and accommodation costs when attending a hockey game.

Expense Cost
Transportation The cost varies depending on the distance traveled and mode of transportation (car, plane, etc.)
Accommodation The cost varies depending on the location and type of accommodation (hotel, Airbnb, etc.)
Parking The cost can range from $20 to $50 per car at most arenas.

Cost of Concessions and Merchandise

A big reason why hockey tickets are so expensive is that snacks and goods cost a lot. Venue owners and sellers want to make money, and because these things are in such high demand during games, they can charge ridiculously high prices. The high prices are partly due to how popular professional hockey is and how much people want goods with their team’s logo on them.

As a die-hard hockey fan, I know how quickly the costs of going to a game can add up. The price of a single ticket is high, but when you add in the prices of food and drinks, it can quickly become an expensive event. Families often have more than one person at the game, and each person is hungry or thirsty to a different degree.

But why do these things cost so much? One reason is that it’s very popular during games. As fans get more into the game, they are more likely to spend a lot of money on snacks and gifts. This means that sellers and owners of venues can charge higher prices because they know people will still be ready to pay.

Also, professional hockey has become very popular recently, which has caused a huge demand for gear with team names on it. The prices of legally approved goods are going up even more because so many people want them.

Differences in Ticket Prices for Home and Away Games

The disparity in ticket prices for home and away hockey games is influenced by various factors such as the level of demand, market trends, and operational costs. In particular, the larger fan base and expenses incurred in hosting a game contribute to the higher demand and costs of home tickets.

In contrast, away tickets tend to have lower demand due to the absence of these expenses. Additionally, market demand and media influence can also drive up ticket prices in certain cities or for special events.

However, there are strategies that fans can employ to obtain hockey tickets at discounted rates, such as taking advantage of promotions or purchasing tickets from season ticket holders.

Inflation and Rising Costs of Living

Rising prices and inflation affect every part of running a competitive hockey team. Fans will have to pay more for tickets because of this, which is a bad thing. As player wages keep going up, the cost of maintaining and renovating stadiums goes up, and teams have to make investments to improve the fan experience, they have to raise ticket prices to cover these rising costs. The price of hockey tickets for fans then goes up because of this.

Inflation and rising living costs have a direct effect on how much it costs to run a professional hockey team. This is clear because teams have to keep raising ticket prices to cover the rising costs of player pay, venue repairs and maintenance, and making the fan experience better. Fans who want to go to a game often have to pay a lot for tickets because of this.

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The prices of running a professional team are going up for more than just the players’ pay. Over time, older venues need more repairs and updates to keep up with the needs of the sport and its fans, which adds to the cost of stadium care and upgrades. In today’s very competitive sports business, it’s also important to spend money on tools and services that make the fan experience better.

Because of all of these things, teams have to pay more for things, which means fans have to pay more for tickets. Because of this, it is important for teams to always be looking for ways to cut costs while still giving their fans a great experience.

Influences of Media on Ticket Prices

The impact of media coverage and fan demand on hockey ticket prices is undeniable. With limited seating and high demand, coupled with the thrill of live games broadcasted through various media platforms, it’s no surprise that hockey tickets are often considered expensive.

The success and popularity of certain teams also play a significant role in driving up ticket prices. The extensive media coverage of hockey games creates a heightened desire among fans to experience the excitement in person, resulting in a surge in demand for tickets.

Moreover, the scarcity of tickets from primary sellers only further elevates their value and drives up prices.

As long as the sport continues to gain popularity and media coverage remains widespread, the cost of attending a live hockey game is expected to remain high.

Strategies to Obtain Hockey Tickets at Affordable Prices

One method to obtain affordable tickets is by purchasing from secondary ticket markets. These markets, such as StubHub or SeatGeek, offer tickets at lower prices than the original face value. However, it is crucial to be wary of potential scams when using these platforms.

Another option is buying directly from the NHL team’s website. This allows you to bypass any additional fees that may be charged by third-party sellers. Additionally, teams often run promotions and discounts on their own websites.

Understanding the different types of ticket sellers can also help in securing affordable tickets. For instance, season ticket holders may be willing to sell their tickets at a lower price if they are unable to attend a particular game.

When purchasing tickets, it is vital to consider seat location and potential obstructions. Lower level seats may offer a better view but come at a higher cost, while upper-level seats may have obstructed views but are more budget-friendly.

Furthermore, it is essential to plan ahead and compare prices from various sources before making a purchase. This can help you find the best deal and save money.

Lastly, dressing in layers is recommended as arena temperatures can vary greatly throughout the game. This simple tip can enhance your overall experience and ensure you are comfortable during the match.


To summarize, there are several factors that contribute to the high cost of hockey tickets, including strong demand, limited availability, team popularity, scalpers, and venue expenses.

While these may seem like barriers for fans, it’s important to remember that attending a hockey game is a one-of-a-kind experience that is well worth the investment for passionate supporters. It’s also crucial to keep in mind other expenses such as travel, lodging, concessions, and merchandise when budgeting for tickets.

By understanding the reasons behind the steep prices and considering potential additional costs, fans can make informed decisions and find ways to save money while still enjoying their favorite sport.